Crispiano, known as “the land of 100 farms,” ​​is increasingly becoming a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts, opening its doors to a wider audience thanks to an extraordinary donation: the Joelette chair. In this natural landscape characterized by numerous differences in level, the single-wheel off-road wheelchair is revolutionizing accessibility to nature, allowing anyone with disabilities to go on excursions with the help of at least two companions.

The chair was announced to the citizens of Crispiano on 31 October 2023, during a meeting on thematic tables. It was presented by the environmental tourist guide Marcello Carrozzo and the deputy mayor Anna Barbara Maria Sgobbio, as well as Councilor for Social Services.
This tool allows for true sustainability in an area like Crispiano, which is full of uphill and downhill paths. – says the deputy mayor – It is a step forward towards a city that declares itself and wants to become increasingly sustainable”.
“The Joelette was donated anonymously to the Crispiano community. Cicale di Puglia will manage it, making it available to anyone who needs to use it”: so claims Marcello Carrozzo.

The donation of the Joelette chair to Crispiano represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and sustainable community. Crispiano is committed to preserving its natural environment and ensuring that everyone can share in the wonder of nature, regardless of their abilities. The Joelette chair is a tangible sign of this promise, a testimony to Crispiano’s beauty and accessibility.